Top Gear: Road Trip

1. What is Action Match 3?

Action Match 3 is a new kind of Match 3 game where you control the 3D animation in the upper screen by matching orbs in the lower screen. Different coulured orbs do different things in the animation so it really makes a difference to pay attention to both screen-halfs.

2. What is Top Gear?

Top Gear is one of the biggest entertainment brands in the world. Top Gear tv show has been on more than 20 years on BBC Worldwide.

3. What devices will Top Gear: Road Trip play on?

Top Gear Road Trip will be available on iOS and Android platforms to begin with. More platforms and devices may be supported later.

4. Where do I buy more Gas?

Once you’ve earned more points by succeeding the game, you will be able to buy more gas.

5. What are Cheap Tricks?

Cheap Tricks are a very Top Gear-ish way to alter the race results on your benefit. Top Gear Road Trip will offer you Cheap Tricks like "Potato in the exhaust pipe” and ”Throwing a banana skin” which will - once used - help you to advance slightly better and faster while your opponent has to slow down with a black smoke surrounding him. You won’t probably be able to win the race by using Cheap Tricks but they’ll definitely help you.

6. How many levels does the game have?

The first version of TGRT will include 60 levels. More levels will be added frequently and they will include more super cool races and special challenges while the saga map will take your road trip to new countries.

7. What is Motorious Entertainment?

Motorious Entertainment is a new Helsinki based game studio aiming to provide great brands with great mobile games. The first IP we’re working now with is Top Gear of BBC Worldwide.

8. How do I match the orbs?

In order to match the orbs you need to identify similar colored ones and then with your finger swipe a continuous line from one orb to another similar colored orb aiming to match minimum of 3 similar colored orbs. The more you match the better.

9. How do I control the animated race?

You control the animated race by matching similar colored orbs in the lower screen part. Minimum of 3 orbs are needed and the longer lines you match the better and more effective in terms of advancing in the game.

10. Why is Reliant Robin going down so quickly?

A10. Reliant Robin Space Shuttle challenge is a very special one because once launched there is gravity pulling the shuttle back to the earth. This means you must act quickly, use as many red orbs as possible but in order to find more reds you must use green and blues too. But make haste as the gravity keeps pulling you down...

11. What country is the map supposedly displaying?

The saga map of Top Gear Road Trip is not about any particular country.

Top Gear Road Trip: Game Instructions

1. What is the aim of the game?

Your aim is to join a road trip across the Europe and compete against the famous Top Gear hosts and take part in special challenges like launching Reliant Robin into space.

2. What am I seeing first and supposed to do then?

When you launch the Top Gear Road Trip game you will see (after our beautifull Motorious Entertainment logo that is) the cover screen with a red Start button. Pushing the start button takes you to the saga map where you'll be able to see where your road trip goes and how well you've managed per each level and special challenge. Levels you already have access are not locked and you can play them, while the others will open upon your success. From the map screen you have access to your Garage, which is the place you will collect your vehicles while you advance in the race. Everyone begins the road trip with the mighty Reliant Robin, but never mind that as you will be able to pimp your ride to become faster once you earn more during the road trip. And there are some delicious supercars waiting for you later in the game.

3. How to play TGRT?

After the cover screen, just tap the first available level button on the map and the actual game screen opens up. The screen is divided into two parts: upper part with 3D animated action window and lower part with match 3 puzzle. Your task is to control the upper level animation screen by matching as many similar colored orbs in the lower screen part. In addition to up and down, you can go diagonally too. As long as the colours match and it’s minimum 3 similar colors. In order to win the race you have to match more than 3 similar orbs, the longer the better and while you move your finger to match the orbs you will see an arrow in the upper screen visualizing how far you will get to go. Again, the more the better. If you do just 3 the others will beat you.

4. After first successful level

If you are such a petrolhead we think you are, you won your first level easily leaving Sabine and co far behind. Now, look at your metrics and stats and you see that you’ve burned some gas but earned some points. Later, you will be able to do things like purchasing more gas with your points. We’d suggest you play now some more levels to gain more points whichafter you may want to start upgrading you vehicle and using Cheap Tricks to help you in the race - in the Top Gear style of course! Once you’ve played four basic race levels you’ll face the first Special Challenge with Reliant Robin space shuttle. Your task is to fly the shuttle as high as possible, higher than your friends of course, and to brag about the achivement later. The game mechanic is again similar: match similar-colored orbs and you’re on! Just remember that the gravity is working hard on this challenge meaning you’ll need as many red orbs as possible to gain the proper height. Good Luck!

5. How does the Garage work?

The Garage is the place where all your vehicles will be placed...

6. What kinds of Special Challenges we’ll face?

We’ve got numerous funny and familiar challenges waiting for you. All of those have been seen in Top Gear tv show during the past years. Challenges will include things like Reliant Robin Space Shuttle, Toybota amphibious car challenge, and car football just to name few.

For any additional questions about Top Gear Road Trip you may contact us at support@motorious.fi.